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setStatus( 403) ; chain. doFilter( request, response) ; }. What I want then to happen is for the < error- page> defined in the. The Servlet API gives you a method to send a 404 or any other HTTP status code. It' s the sendError method of HttpServletResponse: public void. So / / when user request for other page name error page not found 404 will. Here is a list of all available status code that are defined in the. How to set the HTTP status code on the HTTP response sent from a Servlet. Advanced Java Servlet Tutorial # Servlet Response Send Error : How to Handle Servlet Error? Default Response code of servlet program is 200. Servlet Tutorial: The HTTP response status line and status codes. that essentially indicate failure, and either don' t include a document or only include a short " error message document". java ( Download source code). After using this method, the response should be considered to be committed and should not be written to. Parameters: sc - the error status code Throws: java.

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    IOException - If an input or output exception occurs java. IllegalStateException. This J2EE tips demonstrates a java servlet that returns an HTTP error code as page response in case an error has occured. For example, 5xx- series messages. It' s the sendError method of HttpServletResponse: public void doGet( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) { response. There' s also a setStatus( int) method that you can call with any code, and then you can write your own html body. This is close, except that you can' t specify the http response message. Is there any reason why you would rvlet Response Send Error : Response « Servlet « Java Tutorial. This page provides Java code examples for javax. public static void writeError( HttpServletResponse response, Status error) { / / response.

    You need to cast servletResponse to HttpServletResponse first: HttpServletResponse response = ( HttpServletResponse) servletResponse;. Then use its sendError( ) method: response. sendError( HttpServletResponse. We / / can then use these constants value to return process status to the / / browser. SC_ INTERNAL_ SERVER_ ERROR, Status code ( 500) indicating an error inside the HTTP server which prevented it from fulfilling. But these error may not be http error. This can be simple error with status like - 1, - 2 and error message String. If this can work, how to send these code from servlet and receive at client. – Akhil Jan 27 ' 15 at 12:. You should be able to do that with response. EDIT: Was meant to say that the parameter is the error code you want to send, so in your case 500. Until now, our servlet examples have not set HTTP response status codes.

    to stay at the form, as it avoids the " Document contains no data" error message. The location of the resource to display in response to the error. For example, / myErrorPage.